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Whenever I see the doughnut varieties at Krispy Kreme's, I feel so sad that there's no such thing here in Belgium. Like a Starbucks shop. Just imagine a Frappucino with a chocolate glazed doughnut with sprinkles. For breakfast. Hmmm...



This evening's menu :

  • Paella with mussels, calamari, scampis and chicken
  • Pineapple mousse with bananas and eggnog

Asparagus soup


Tonight's dinner :

  • Mini baguettes with goat cheese, apples and honey
  • Asparagus cream soup (see picture)
  • Chicken sausages with sauce Provencale
  • Lemon cake

Our daily bread


M. bought me a bread baking machine for my Christmas present. It produces the most delicious bread ever; For now, I'm just trying the easy way with the all-in-mix flour for sweet white bread and multigrain bread. There are plenty Dutch sites about bread baking machines, with many recipes for special breads like onion or cheese bread; here are some interesting links, all in Dutch :


* Comparing different machines

* Differences between the bread machines of Aldi and Lidl

* Bread baking portal

Something terrible


Something terrible has happened : the local Quick restaurant has disappeared from our village ! Where do I now get my favourite hamburger ?


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