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Dammit ! I passed by the waste recycle park and noticed that some of the dumped computers still carried some coax network cards, like the ones I use at home (yes, I know it's 2004). As almost everyone uses UTP, coax cards are rare, and (more) expensive, so when I see a spare coax, I grab it. Unluckily, I wasn't allowed to disassemble the computers, as I need a special permit. What country is this, Russia ?

I got a few phone numbers of official instances that I'll try next week, so with a bit of luck, I'll have my coax cards in the next weeks.

Update : crap. No luck in obtaining some kind of permit. Apparently they still get money for those old machines...

The HabiCase


The PC HabiCase allows your gerbil, hamster or mouse to live INSIDE your computer. The ultimate case mod or animal abuse ? Decide for yourself.

Proposing, the geek way


This guy build a computer mod [read: modified case] to propose to his girlfriend. Check out the photo's. The're really cool [and crazy].

I ended up cutting a side window (which I hand etched with the words "will you do me the honor" with my trusty Dremel), a front window (custom crafted out of some plex I had- matching the curve of the case was FUN!) below the 5.25" bays, painting the entire case white, vinyl dyeing the CDRW, wrapping EVERY wire with white wire wrap and heatshrink, adding lace from said craft store to the PSU and side window, and as the piece de resistance, I created a fake 3 tiered wedding cake decorated with mini ribbon roses attached to the top of the case (the top tier of the cake removed to display the ring inserted inside). Also, you can see in the pics that I accented the case like mad with the mini ribbon roses and lacy wedding-ish stuff. I even went so far as to create a desktop theme for her, with a wallpaper of her ring, and matching icons (her "My Computer" was a ring, "My Documents" was another view of the ring, and "Network Places" was a diamond-- unfortunately I have no pictures of that as the system is now at her job).

I won't spoil the fun by reposting the pictures here, but I will spoil the fun by saying now she said "yes".

New Leathermans


Some time ago, I noticed that there has been released a new line of Leathermans (Leathermen ?), called Leatherman Juice (warning : Flash enabled). Most obvious detail is that the Juice line is brightly colored, whereas the traditional Leathermans are only available in metal and black. I own a Leatherman Flair myself, and I must say I especially fancy the CS4 'Glacier'.

\r\nFor those who would like to see more info on the Leatherman, check out this site. A Leatherman has allways been some sort of a system administrator status symbol, though many sysadmins prefer some other tool like the Gerber. Anyway, part of the mythical status of Leatherman is that it has a 25 year warranty. Not bad for something that most see as an improved Swiss army knife...


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