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Fashion alert


Warning :
I have (finally !) a black-green-blue Mozilla T-shirt,
and I'm not afraid to use it.

DeliciousButtons for Firefox3


Time to rejoice for all Firefox3 beta users (which means 99% of all Hardy users) : Delicious Buttons is available for Firefox3, albeit in beta form.
Great, I missed *alot* this since the Hardy dist-upgrade. Now if only Tabkit...



Why oh why didn't I discover this earlier ? It was only after dag sent me a screenshot of his Firefox, that I searched and found Tabkit, a Mozilla addon for tab management, for power users. Multiple tab rows, color grouping of tabs, tab trees and grouping of tabs the way you want it.

Meesa lika !



If you're using Windows Mobile on your PDA, your browser is mostly limited to Internet Explorer (I know that Opera and KHTML are available for Symbian, but are they for WinMobile ?).
Minimo is a slimmed down Firefox for your PDA, supporting Javascript, AJAX, RSS and tab browsing.

Last closed Firefox tab


This one is super handy : I use my middle mouse button to close Firefox tabs. Sometimes, however, my aim isn't what it should be, and this causes me to close the wrong tab. Fear not : CTRL-SHIFT-T will get your closed tab back.
Thanks, Serge !


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