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Alternatives for 50 proprietary programs that drive you crazy


Face it, not all programs offer a good user interface, or lack some stability. Some even might even drive you crazy. In some cases you could probably write your own book on frustrations with the proprietary programs shown here. In other cases, you’ll discover that the open source alternative isn’t quite up to snuff yet. And, in other cases still, you’ll learn that some proprietary programs are real gems, but that the open source advocate can replace those gems with equally shiny objects from the open source repertoire.

Gradients in RRDtool graphs


One image says more than thousand words. One beautiful image says more than your 50 page report why you need more server hardware. Adding gradients to RRDtool graphs adds the necessary schwung to your monitoring reports.

Windows software alternatives

Linux has a nice overview of Linux alternatives for famous Windows software.

Ubuntu kills laptop disks ?


The following error makes me frown : default value in potentially kills laptop disks. When switching to battery power, /etc/acpi/ issues the command hdparm -B 1 to all block devices. This leads to extremely frequent load cycles, thereby drastically limiting the life cycle of a laptop disk.
It seems this was a month ago on Digg, but I still haven't found out if this is valid or not. The bug thread ends on Oct 13th, so maybe this is solved in Gutsy ?

Linux Weather Forecast


The Linux Weather Forecast features 'current conditions' for kernel development, a 'short-term forecast,' and a 'long-term forecast', and is an excellent page to keep track of the current kernel development. Its editor is Jonathan Corbet, known as Executive Editor at LWN.


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