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DarkChannels 0.4.9 (PAINKILLER)


I have released DarkChannels 0.4.9, which is an alfa release of 0.5.0. This version supports all RSS versions, which was the last thing that bugged me in DarkChannels. To accomplish this, I needed to replace the XML::RSS:Parser::Lite Perl module by something other : I first tried XML::Twig, but the API seemed too complex, and I switched to XML::Simple instead. This meant replacing the core of the DarkChannels engine, so expect things to break from time to time in the next days.

I suffer from a heavy outbreak of hernia, so this version is mainly coded under the influence of strong painkillers - hence the release name (and another reason to call this an alfa release ;)

DarkChannels 0.4.2


DarkChannels 0.4.2 has been released; it contains a bugfix where the script continues to operate even if one of the sites is down. The previous version bailed out when one of the listed sites was unavailable, a phenomenon that occurred too frequently, now that the list of sites continues to grow.

I'm starting to code on DarkChannels 0.5.0, which should support every version of RSS, and for which I will make the source available for download under the GPL.

DarkChannels 0.4.1


Some minor modifications lead to DarkChannels 0.4.1. I still want to clean up the code a bit, and make some improvements to the layout in IE browsers, so 0.4.2 might not be far away. Note that the Perl module I use to extract the information from the RSS feed is apparently limited to RSS version 0.91 or lower, so for technical reasons a submitted link might not be included (so don't take it personally if the link you submitted, doesn't show up ;)

DarkChannels 0.4.0


I have released DarkChannels 0.4.0. From now on, you can submit your own RSS feeds you would like to see included. They will be reviewed, and if suited, included in the RSS list. With this release, nearly all the functionality of the former XULchannels has been implemented.

DarkChannels 0.3.0


I have released DarkChannels 0.3.0, which contains the following modifications :

  • Sorted RSS channels by last message
  • Added RSS channel info in overview
  • More layout changes
  • Extra run at 1 pm; DarkChannels is now updated at 7 am, 1 pm and 7 pm (Central European Time)


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