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Perl advent calendar 2003


As it is the habit these times, there's yet again a new Perl advent calendar with various usefull Perl tips & code snipplets.



I have made a feeble attempt to rewrite the dying XULchannels in Perl. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my own news aggregator, DarkChannels v0.1.0 (alpha release). It contains some sites I visit frequently, and -just for now- only gets updated once a day.

Coding Perl


I'm enrolled at work in some weeks of heavy Perl coding. But once I'm busy coding, it's hard to stop myself : I have written my own version of the dying XULChannels, called DarkChannels. And I've Perlified the shellscript that I use to generate this site from a local PHPNuke engine.

Perl state of the onion


We the unwilling,
led by the unknowing,
are doing the impossible
for the ungrateful.

One of the highlights of every OSCON is Larry Wall's annual State of the Onion address, covering Perl, philosophy, linguistics, music, theology, science, and usually funny other things thrown in for good measure. These are the thoughts of the man behind perl. (This explains a *lot* about perl. ;)

Perl usability


"Shlomi, it takes 10 years to learn UNIX. I want you to learn it in a month". That were the words of Shlomi Fishs new supervisor, and Shlomi went out to learn. And soon he discovered Perl, and its mighty ability to do almost everything. He even wrote a book about it.


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