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Pi in the sky


Past issues of Pi in the sky, a yearly magazine about math, are now online. The latest issue now even contains an article about more mundane problems, like solving sudoku puzzles.

Travelling the dimensions


Everyone knows we're living into a 3 dimensional world, whereas time is being defined as the invariable 4th dimensional frame we're experiencing. Dimensions is a website explaining this stuff in nine chapters, two hours of maths, that take you gradually up to the fourth dimension. Mathematical vertigo guaranteed!

If you really want your head to go for a spin, then watch this video of how to imagine the 10th dimension, the place were quantum physicists believe this is were superstring particles vibrate, and thus create subatomic particles.

10 amazing chemical reactions


Chemical reactions are part of our daily lives. From cooking in the kitchen, to driving a car, these reactions are commonplace. The following list is aimed at some of the more exotic and amazing reactions that most of us have not seen or experienced. Do not try these at home, kids !

Water is supercool


Water is a radical nonconformist—differing from other liquids in dozens of ways. Most famous among water's peculiarities is its density at low temperatures. While other liquids contract and get denser as they cool toward their freezing points, water stops contracting and starts to expand. That's why ice floats and frozen pipes burst.

Water gets even weirder at colder temperatures, where it can exist as a liquid in a supercooled state well below its ordinary freezing point. Recent evidence suggests that supercooled water splits its personality into two distinct phases—another oddity unseen in other liquids. And at –63 degrees Celsius, supercooled water's weird behavior returns to "normal."

Chronology of pi


The chronology of pi is an overview of the pre- and post-computer attempts of obtaining the accuracy of the number pi (currently at 206158430000 digits).


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