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Net via-via een PowerBall op de kop getikt - wat een leuk en uiterst verslavend speeltje; en dan heb ik nog de versie zonder toerenteller ! Ik bezit de Blue versie, die blauwe LEDs doet oplichten wanneer de PowerBall boven een bepaald toerental komt. De kracht die dit ding op je hand uitoefent is in elk geval indrukwekkend - bij de hoogste toerentallen begint de Powerball bij mij al uit mijn hand te slippen; maar dat ligt misschien aan mijn prille techniek.

Origami crystals


Howto increase your geek factor : impress your collegues with an origami orthorhombic crystal on your desk. Crystal forms offers paper models for the 32 crystal classes and 7 crystal systems reproduced in .pdf format.

Ultimate Collector's Millenium Falcon


The Lego Store has several Ultimate Collector's items like this 5000+ pieces Millenium Falcon, though the Death Star (3400+ pieces) is impressive too. Even more impressive is the 13 hours assemblage preview.

The Pod people


I'm all hip, young & trendy again, cause I bought myself an iPod. The 2GB black Nano is a worthy replacement for the 512MB Creative Muvo I bought 2 years ago. As for iTunes, GTKPod on Linux seems a good alternative.

iPod killers


I'm looking around for a mp3 player with some more space; and by looking around, one cannot ignore the Apple iPod. I still wonder why iPods have so many success : the feature/price ratio of them is way lower than its competitors. I only can attribute the success to the sweet design (though I find the new Nano with its square corners plain ugly) and the combination with iTunes. features an early Xmas article with a list of the iPod killers; though I cannot really see anything the would threaten the iPod (except maybe the Zune or the Creative Zen Neeon 2).


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