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Star Wars alfabet


A ship for every *other* letter in the alphabet. Jon Palmer is creating a Star Wars fighter out of LEGO for every letter in the alphabet (minus X,Y,B,A,E and V). He has about 5 to go. Check out the project on From Bricks to Bothans.

Chess sets


I am thinking for some time now about building my own chess set, with some D&D figurines. The GamesWorkshop has many different interesting figurines, ranging from science fiction (check out the Tyranids) to fantasy (orks, goblins,...). I see that the Tolkien set has finally arrived.

Anyway, I was talking about building my own chess set; pity that GamesWorkshop figurines are so damned expensive, and I don't even talk about the painting hassle. I bumped into this site, which gives enough inspiration for themed chess sets, ranging from classical Greek to Egyptian styles.


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