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My new toy is the Medion MD95000 PDA. It's nothing more than a rebuilt Mitac Mio 168, and the fun thing about it is that it has a GPS receiver built-in. The bundled GPS software also contains maps for biking and hiking, what's another surplus. Only a shame that Freeware software for Windows CE isn't as available as for the PalmOS.

The Mio 168 runs on Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC, utilizes an Intel XScale processor, and weighs in at a mere 147grams (5.2 ounces). The unit also offers 64MB of RAM and contains a 256 MB SD Card. A 16-bit TFT LCD display with LED backlighting offers up to 65,536 colors to make for clear viewing indoors and out.

No Shuffle


I thought long and hard about getting me the new iPod Shuffle : the Apple MP3 player had its style, iPod joggle and attractive price, but the fact that the thing didn't have any LCD screen nor a builtin radio, did me grab one of the competitor's products. The Shuffle is the poor mans iPod, says Nico Dijkshoorn in one of his columns.

I chose for the Creative Nomad/Muvo, a neat little gizmo, now permanently attached to my wrist, and boy, am I happy that I chose for the 512 MB model, and not for the 256 MB model : the flash device is already jam packed with some MP3 songs. And if I get bored of these MP3 songs, I just switch to the radio. Or play with the built-in dictaphone. Or just use it as a flash storage device.



Gentlemen, start your drooling. This is my new toy : a Sun Enterprise 3000 server. Very hefty, very noisy, but very beautiful (and powerful). Unfortunately, the box doesn't contain any disks yet, so it's powered now by a SparcGentoo live CD. It's purpose will be a testbed for Solaris10, so I can play with zones and DTrace. And, yes there will be a partition too dedicated to Sparc Debian ;)

Star Wars alfabet


A ship for every *other* letter in the alphabet. Jon Palmer is creating a Star Wars fighter out of LEGO for every letter in the alphabet (minus X,Y,B,A,E and V). He has about 5 to go. Check out the project on From Bricks to Bothans.

Chess sets


I am thinking for some time now about building my own chess set, with some D&D figurines. The GamesWorkshop has many different interesting figurines, ranging from science fiction (check out the Tyranids) to fantasy (orks, goblins,...). I see that the Tolkien set has finally arrived.

Anyway, I was talking about building my own chess set; pity that GamesWorkshop figurines are so damned expensive, and I don't even talk about the painting hassle. I bumped into this site, which gives enough inspiration for themed chess sets, ranging from classical Greek to Egyptian styles.


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