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New York changing


By comparing pictures from the 1930ties to now, photographer David Levere tries to give an idea of the changement big cities like New York undergo.

Purple America


Everyone on the web seem to have said his opinion on the 2004 elections in the USA, so I guess there's no need to add mine. has a posted a nice colored card of America which shows how 'purple' (red for Republicans, blue for Democrats) the USA has become.

Forest Fires


Who can better tell the tale of the Californian forest fires than the local inhabitants ? An overview of the fires and some other photos taken by local residents, bloggers, and photographers.

Burning Man 2003


Burning Man is a yearly happening in Black Rock desert, Nevada. Once a year, for one week in the desert (Aug 25 till Sep 1 2003), a community of living, breathing, participants join together to create Black Rock City. The people who attend Burning Man are no mere "attendees," but rather participants in every sense of the word: they create the city, the interaction, the art, the performance and ultimately the "experience."

There are many ways to participate. You can create a theme camp or build an art installation. You might put on a performance or build a stage for others to perform on. Check out examples of Playa Events which participants created.


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