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Solera Reserve


I purchased a bottle of Solera Reserve Glenfiddich : fifteen-year-old Glenfiddich from three types of casks (traditional American bourbon, Portuguese sherry and new oak) is married in a large Solera vat, made of Oregon pine. The vat is always kept at least half full, ensuring a consistent quality of whisky is maintained whenever it is topped up. Then this balanced single malt is left to settle in a small Solera tun before bottling. The result? A rich and complex taste, still as fruity as its 12 year little brother, though a bit more spicy. However, still no match for a Bowmore or a Tullamore Dew... is a nice site about the different Scotch drinks that are available in the North. Unluckily enough, the site lacks a search function, but the Locate Distilleries page offers a quick overview. Cheers !

HOWTO : Open A Beer Without Using A Bottle Opener


Unleash the McGuyver inside you ! Here are 10 Ways How To Open A Beer Without Using A Bottle Opener. Use a piece of paper; your keyboard; your wedding ring; a mobile phone !

Whiskey bottle collection


Kazuo Yoshia has an impressive collection of little whiskey bottles. Drinking that up must have cost him a fortune (and his liver).

Black Bush


For those of you that know me very well, it is no secret that my favourite drink is whiskey. Now, when it comes to whiskey, I'm quite conservative : I prefer mostly Irish whiskeys, and there's nothing that beats a shot of good ol'e Tullamore Dew. But I heard lots of good of the Bushmills brewery, so I decided to take a bottle of Black Bush. It doesn't really liked to be mixed with coke, so you better drink it pure, or on the rocks. But boy, is this some powerfull stuff ! Two drinks and my head is spinning !

Worst beers in the world


Now that it's holiday time, it is very important to know what beer not to drink abroad : here are the top50 worst beers in the world. Someone fancy a Florisgaarden Chocolat Gardenbeer ?


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