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Apple switching to Intel


Steve Jobs announced at the WWDC keynote today that Apple is switching to Intel processors. MacNN has live coverage. The bottom line is that Mac OS X for the last five years has been running on Intel, the switch is expected to be complete in two years, and Rosetta will allow PPC apps to run on Intel-based Macs, transparently. So the rumours were still right then : for two years, the gossip runs that there was an internal version of OSX which was developped for Intel. Running Windows on a Mac should now be possible, but it won't be possible to run Mac OSX elsewhere than on Apple hardware.

Dexia NetBanking for Mac OS X


For some days I'm busy porting Dexia's NetBanking to Mac OSX, the all-singing-all-dancing Unix-with-a-GUI. Today I finally managed to get the core of NetBanking working. It took only some days of twiddling with the code, just hindered by the fact that there's no VisualAge for Java available for Mac OSX. But this thing just shows how rock solid the whole NetBanking architecture is built.

And gosh, do I like this Java2 stuff in Apple. No more MRJ crap, just plain Sun Java. Internet Explorer and Mozilla working in one strike, God, this is the way how Java was meant to be.

For all you Macheads, Dexia's NetBanking will be available in December 2002 on your Mac OSX. No fscking module anymore, just a simple applet in your browser !



Some months ago I had the chance to play a bit around with the Fink project. I first thought it would be an attempt to port Xfree86 and KDE to the Darwin environment, but it's more than that. I inmediately noticed that some of the Debian utilities, such as apt, where ported too.

In short, Fink lets you download either precompiled Darwin-PPC binaries for your iMac, or you can automagically download the source -with all required extra libraries- and compile it yourself. All this with one command : fink install Program. If you own a Mac OSX, you really should give it a try.

And now, the Fink, Gentoo,and DarwinPorts projects announced the formation of a cooperative development alliance forged to facilitate delivery of freely available software to Mac OS X. Under this new alliance, the projects will share information and coordinate efforts for porting software to Apple's Mac OS X and Darwin operating systems. Members of the alliance will share information using the Web site, which will provide a home for this cooperative effort. This will be a great boost for Free Software on your Mac.


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