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Bowmore, 12 yo


I finished the Solera Reserve I bought lately, and because the surroundings of my regular liquor shop (that is, where I buy my Tullamore Dew) is still plagued with road works, I decided to shop elsewhere and acquire a quite different brand of whiskey. I heard lots of good of Bowmore, so I took the 12yo with me.

Found in the capital of Islay, Bowmore distillery is the oldest (legal) distillery on Islay and the second oldest in Scotland, and is one of the more renowned whiskeys of Islay. For over 200 years Bowmore has attracted the respect of those lucky enough to taste what it produces. In his Spirit Journal, F. Paul Pacult wrote "that Bowmore might just be Scotland's foremost malt distillery at this time"(2003), and in his book, Raw Spirit, Ian Banks writes , "If you can't find a Bowmore to fall in love with, you may have to consider very seriously the possibility that you're wasting your money drinking whisky at all." With a wide range of releases, and a whole new line to familiarize yourselves with, there is bound to be a Bowmore that you'll dig.

The nose, then : smell of pears, honey, a distinct fragrance of peat, and a slight hint of salt, seaweed. No surprises so far : this is an Islay after all. Tasting : the peat taste is much more present here, still sweet, and somehow syrupy, medical, sherry alike. Very different from the Speyside brands, but not that much also. Good and complex taste, I'm gonna like this. I guess I'm ready for a Talisker after all...