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Bruichladdich, 12yo


It was a long search after I found a piece of the Laddy, but finally I could obtain a bottle of the 12yo edition whisky. Often compared to its Islay neighbour Bowmore, it has the same characteristics as being a soft introduction into the Islay world.

Matured beside the Atlantic, the whisky is bottled in Islay’s only bottling hall - 100% naturally - free from chill-filtration, colouring, and homogenisation. Bruichladdich is known as The Sophisticated Islay, and made from an unusual marriage of manual C19 equipment, inspirational distillery design and pre-industrial distilling techniques. In fact, Bruichladdich does not use any computers or automated processes used in the production of their whisky. The original Victorian machinery, painstakingly restored over six months, is still used today. Islay water, filtered through the oldest rocks in the whisky world, is used to reduce from cask to bottling strength of 46%.

The nose : slightly sweet, toffee, is that a hint of peat ?
The taste : "I like Bowmore better" was my thought after the first sip, but that's giving Bruichladdich way too less credit. Fruity : pears and apples, but not too sweet either. Toffee again, some maltiness. Complex too.

It took me some weeks to come to a definitive tasting note, but I have come to find Bruichladdich being a great whisky. Made it to my top 3, which is a remarkable achievement.