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Bruichladdich, Peat


The Bruichladdich distillery had some difficult times in the past : after being mothballed in 1994, it reappeared in the early 2000's, and it's managed since then by Jim Mac Ewan, former director of the Bowmore distillery, and an emblematic character of the Isle of Islay and winner of Distiller of the Year for an unprecedented three times. Since 2002, three single malts are produced at the distillery: Bruichladdich of course, but also a peaty malt, called Port Charlotte at 40 PPM and the earth shattering Octomore - the world's heaviest peaty whisky at an astounding 80.5 PPM.

Since some time, Bruichladdich creatively reinvents itself : Bruichladdich has tried to capture the Islay personality in their new 'Trilogy' of whiskies; Waves, Rocks and Peat. All evocative words that make one undoubtedly think of Islay. Perhaps not the idillyc Islay you might have experienced, but the real Islay.

Rocks will be the lightest of the lot, with fresh and fruity tones thanks to French Oak casks. Listed as a good aperitif whisky.

Waves will be mild, with hints of peat (15ppm, apparently). This is an "anytime of the day" whisky, is exactly the right time of day to pour your first dram.

Peat will be, er, peaty. Replacing the 3D series this is slightly toned down at 35ppm (so lower than Ardbeg) still with a rich peat flavor but without the more medicinal undertones.

Let's have a look at the Peat :

Smell : smoke, peat, and barely nothing else. Some faint hint of fruit, apple and pineapple.
Taste : Peat, and smoke again. Quite peppery aftertaste. Some tobacco in the aftertaste. A bit like Talisker, but friendlier and less complex.

The verdict : yummy ! A surprising friendly peated whisky, not too complex, but not boring either. Very well balanced between fruity and smoke. Excellent introduction into the world of peated whiskies. Time for another dram !