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Cardhu, 12yo


Cardhu is regarded as a typical Speyside single malt scotch, and is the basis of the famous Johnnie Walkers blends. In 1811, John and Helen Cumming sited their first still at Cardow Farm on Mannoch Hill, high above the River Spey. At this location, spring water, naturally softened by rising up through a layer of peat, bubbled from the ground. It is alleged that Helen Cumming distilled the first gallon of Cardhu, the only malt whisky to be pioneered by a woman.

The Cardhu I acquired, came in a orange leather purse like thing. Rather strange leaving a liquor store with an orange purse in my hand (Blackadder's YOU HAVE A WOMAN'S PURSE ! jokes aside), but luckily I kept a Talisker bottle in my other hand, to compensate somehow. I don't know, but this reminds me somehow of Chivas, where the bottle and the decorations suggests a rather feminine target audience. Same thing here with the Cardhu, as if it targets female whisky drinkers.

Cardhu is part of the Classical Malts concern, where it is presented as the Speyside classic malt whisky. Time to find out if it deserves this label.

The smell : very sweet, candy, round, some bitterness which reminds of marzipan.
The taste : round, mellow, reminds me somehow of Dalmore. Fruity, a hint of nuts. Difficult to find a specific taste in this, not because it's complex, but rather light and mellow.

Conclusion : a fine single malt, not complex and uncomplicated. Not a malt that I would give a classic label, though.