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The Dalmore, 12yo


My previous whisky adventure ended quite pleasantly in the Highlands, so why not stray there a little longer ? I acquired a bottle of 12yo Dalmore; Dalmore Distillery sits on the banks of the Cromarty Firth overlooking the rich and fertile Black Isle, the "big meadowland", from which it takes its name. The distillery was bought by the Mackenzie family in 1886, and the 'twelve pointer stag' was introduced from their clan crest - a symbol that still adorns each and every bottle of Dalmore to this day.

The nose : blueberry jam, dark chocolate
The taste : chocolate again, an explosion of caramel, lots of vanilla.

A bit too sweet to my taste, especially the strong caramel taste is too abundantly present. Quite tasty though, not very complex, a good day-to-day enjoyable whisky.