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Dalwhinnie, 15yo


The Dalwhinnie distillery lies on an altitude of 600 meter in the heart of the Scottisch Highlands. The location in a stunning and 'dram'atic environment made journalist Andrew Jefford exclaim that the only pollution risc at Dalwhinnie was the one by heath pollen. The name itself also implies a history of whisky trading as Dailchuinnidh (roughly pronounced 'Dalwhinnie') means 'the plain of meetings'; the area was the junction of three cattle droving roads.

The smell : Aromatic, spicy and sweet
The taste : oily, going with your fingers in a jar of honey, and licking them off. Sweet vanilla, sucking a caramel bar. Fruity and honey again all over the place. Some pepper in the aftertaste.

Very sweet, and quite straightforward for a Highlander. Gentle and easy to drink. Too much like candy though for my taste.