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Solera Reserve


I purchased a bottle of Solera Reserve Glenfiddich : fifteen-year-old Glenfiddich from three types of casks (traditional American bourbon, Portuguese sherry and new oak) is married in a large Solera vat, made of Oregon pine. The vat is always kept at least half full, ensuring a consistent quality of whisky is maintained whenever it is topped up. Then this balanced single malt is left to settle in a small Solera tun before bottling. The result? A rich and complex taste, still as fruity as its 12 year little brother, though a bit more spicy. However, still no match for a Bowmore or a Tullamore Dew... is a nice site about the different Scotch drinks that are available in the North. Unluckily enough, the site lacks a search function, but the Locate Distilleries page offers a quick overview. Cheers !