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Glenmorangie, 10yo


My quest along Scotland needed another twist : I'm quite familiar already with Islay and Speysides whiskies; time to explore some other regions. The Highlands produce some of Scotland's finest whiskies, where the most famous one is Glenmorangie. The production of this handmade whisky is trusted to the 16 men of Tain. A distiller friend of Dr. Bill Lumsden (the Glenmorangie Master Distiller) told him that it should take no more than a man and a dog to run a distillery : the man to feed the dog, and the dog to make sure the man didn't press the wrong button. Glenmorangie soldiers on though with their 16, in the name of tradition and with a few of the 16 even making it a hereditary activity!

Glenmorangie's elegant swan-neck still are the tallest in the Highlands, so only the lightest and purest of vapors can ascend and condense. And this whisky is matured for ten years in selected casks of American mountain oak which allow the natural flavor of Glenmorangie to fully develop. The cast rest in low stone-built buildings with earthen floors, permeated by fresh sea-air, a gentle local climate ensuring a steady path to full maturity.

When you pour out this whisky, you might be surprised how pale it is. Adding water will almost make the color disappear !
The nose : lemon, sweetness, chocolate.
The taste : sweet, but without exaggeration. Again lemon, with a light sour aftertaste. I must say I didn't liked this sour taste at the first nip. But don't let this first impression let you down : Glenmorangie is an extremely tasty whisky, which is light (almost Irish whiskey alike) and easily drinkable.

Now I understand its popularity : Glenmorangie is a great introductionary whisky for beginners, without some of the more offensive whisky qualities that may repel some drinkers; but yet still very tasteful and sofisticated. Definitely encourages another glass...