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The Black Grouse


It's been a long time since I reviewed some whisky. You might wonder if I had gone up the wrong path : converted by the H2O brigade, having replaced my daily dram by a hot coco at the evening fireplace ? No my friends, the truth is that I have been low indeed on booze, and reached back to my usual medicines : I received a special edition of the Tullamore Dew, bottled into a ceramic crock, and I spent some care on Scapa & Highland Park, the usual stuff.

But recently I decided to give some of my attention to The Black Grouse, a product from the Famous Grouse - the number #1 selling blend in Scotland... and in Sweden (which has a pretty sophisticated whisky market, apparently). The Black Grouse is a Scotch blend derived from the Famous Grouse, with some of the finest Islay malt whiskies.

Color : dark gold
The nose : malty, some bonfire smoke and a little peat.
The taste : malty again, quite some peat, medicinal, surprisingly sour, with lots of hints of fruitiness. In the aftertaste again some smoke.

The verdict : I allways say "Better a brilliant blend than a mediocre malt". And the Black Grouse is brilliant. I must admit I don't like the sour taste, but blended in water or coke, this makes a magic drink.