Tullamore Dew

DrWhisky reviews the Tullamore Dew and concludes its misty taste is unlike anything else he has ever tasted. Tullamore Dew is an Irish blend, and my favorite whisk(e)y (though Bowmore is quickly reaching for that place too), famous for its soft and sweet 'misty' taste. If you're fond of Talisker or Ardberg, chance is that you'll hate Tullamore. If the Laphroaig harsness is the yin, then the Tullamore sweetness is the yang. And remember : Tullamore is just another way of writing Tout l'amour.

The nose : fruity, sweet, a hint of smoke.
The taste : a fresh breeze on a hot summer night. A faint mist rising from the fields, covering you like a warm blanket. Mountain dew in the morning. The taste of an angels kiss. How ice cream and vanilla tasted when we were young. Yes, I'm getting lyrical, but that's the effect of Tullamore on me, sir.

On a side note, I received the Whiskey Encyclopedia from Michael Jackson as a Christmas present. 2008 will be a good year.