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The split modem syndrome


I recently noticed that the electrical socket of my now 8 year old Speedtouch ADSL modem seemed to have a crack in it. While pulling it out from the electricy net, it literally fell apart. Pushing it back into the power wasn't an option, I had no other choice than contacting Belgacom for a replacement of the socket. As the modem wasn't manufactered anymore, I had to pay for a new one. Grmbl...

One thing that struck me : I tried to telephone our local Belgacom shop, but nobody answered the call. I first thought it would be too busy in the shop, but after checking the website, it seemed that they were closed. Isn't it weird that a telecom giant doesn't install an automatic answering machine, noticing people of the opening hours of the shop ?


What kind of SpeedTouch? How hard can it be just to pop in at Aitech or a similar establishment and get the right kind of power supply?

Been there, done that once. A power outlet that came with my new computer sound boxes was too short to reach the socket, so I replaced it with a similar one, but the hardware got instantaneously visited by the Smoke Gnomes. So since then, I'm very carefully what transformer I plug into my hardware.