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AIX Technical University, Budapest 2010


I spent the last week in Budapest, attending the IBM AIX Technical University. Hundreds of presentations about AIX, Power, Storage and Tape, spread over 4 days in Budapest. The most interesting talk was about the new stuff in TSM6.2, where one of the most markant features was client upgrades through the TSM ISC. Client packages are pushed from the ISC to the TSM server, where they reside on a diskpool, ready for shipment to the clients. Currently only a Windows feature, but Unix will probably follow in the 6.3 release. There was unfortunately no possibility for a TSM certification, which meant I could not renew (or upgrade) my 5.4 certification.

There wasn't that much time for city sightseeing, though we did manage to get a small visit to the castle on the Buda side of the Lanchid bridge. Pretty nice city, and a good idea for a next city trip...