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Switching to the Birds


More than two years ago, in September 2001, I choose for Mozilla 0.9.3 as my default browser. It was a significant change from the commercial Netscape Communicator Suite with its horrible Motif look and feel, and its crash prone behaviour. I never regretted that decision. It was an exciting time, seeing Mozilla develop from a simple browser to the modern, secure and feature rich program it is today.

This weekend, I made a similar move by selecting Mozilla Firebird and ThunderBird as my default browser and email programs. It took a while, but I'm quickly getting comfortable using these spiffy looking programs. I discovered the Thunderbird tips 'n tricks site, and can recommend the different Quote Level Colors modification : it adds different colors of both the text and background of different quote levels in messages. This makes it much easier to follow a long discussion in newsgroups for example, where the level of reply quotes can go very deep.