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DarkChannels 0.6.0beta


It seems that the third beta version of DarkChannels is the good one : for some days now, I'm testdriving this version, and everything behaves nicely. In this last version, I have added timestamp support, which basically means that websites which do not carry the Last-Modified HTTP header (eg many PHP based sites), still get a timestamp in DarkChannels if they provide new information. In the past versions, such websites did not get such a timestamp, and ended up on the bottom of the list. Now, the left column has a nice chronological overview of all modified sites.

I'm going to introduce quite some modifications in the DC-0.6.0 package, as not all files are located in the place they should be : the sites file is basically a configuration file, so it should end up in /etc, and not in the current /usr/lib/darkchannels. That way, the Debian package should also be lintian clean. I'm going to carry out some more tests, and if everything turns out to be A-Ok, I''ll start the packaging.

It seems that a new XULChannels might still be far away, as Tim stated, so he ended up playing with Planet Planet, to create PlanetBlog, a collection of Dutch and Flemmish blogs.