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The radio news yesterday reported that over 50% of all Belgian personal computer are infected with some form of spyware. I wonder if they mean 50% of all PCs running Windows, or 50% of the total amount of PC's, in which case the amount of infected Windows machines is even higher. Anyway, the figures are frightening.

Steve Gibson posted this link to a superb test of about two dozen top Anti-Spyware programs : Eric L. Howes conducted the test over a two-week period in October. The results surprised me: only 3 ASW programs had a 'batting average' of better than .500 when it came to eradicating the broad range of spyware in the test. Freeware star Spybot Search & Destroy came in a distant 7th with an average of only .376. The top three? Giant Anti-Spyware, Spy Sweeper, and Ad-Aware.