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No Shuffle


I thought long and hard about getting me the new iPod Shuffle : the Apple MP3 player had its style, iPod joggle and attractive price, but the fact that the thing didn't have any LCD screen nor a builtin radio, did me grab one of the competitor's products. The Shuffle is the poor mans iPod, says Nico Dijkshoorn in one of his columns.

I chose for the Creative Nomad/Muvo, a neat little gizmo, now permanently attached to my wrist, and boy, am I happy that I chose for the 512 MB model, and not for the 256 MB model : the flash device is already jam packed with some MP3 songs. And if I get bored of these MP3 songs, I just switch to the radio. Or play with the built-in dictaphone. Or just use it as a flash storage device.


Really a neat device : and it's pure plug-and-play under Linux. Just plug it in, the kernel creates a /dev/sda1 device, which then can be mounted somewhere. You need the usb-storage and usb-uhci/usb-ohci drivers.

Only irritating thing is that you need an USB cable to connect it to your PC.