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Hacking my mobile, part 2

Mobile phones

FUSE, the userspace mount utility in Linux, is prepping itself for inclusion into the main Linux kernel. Hence the last upgrade to Fuse 2.2. This version was recently introduced into the Debian unstable branch, which made it onto my computer after the last apt-get dist-upgrade. However, I noticed that the combination with siefs, the Siemens filesystem driver, refused to work after the Fuse upgrade :

# fusermount /mnt/usb siefs /dev/ttyUSB0
fusermount: old style mounting not supported

which was very annoying, cause I couldn't download the pictures I took with my mobile camera any more. The solution was to upgrade to siefs 0.5, and to kernel 2.6.11. Mounting the device with fusermount still isn't possible, but the regular mount works like a charm :

# mount -t siefs /dev/ttyUSB0 /mnt/usb


Hello, Kristof!

Your messages in the blog about connecting MC60 to linux are very helpful, because I also was looking for some solution to mount my Siemens A65 under linux like it is in windows in order to do development solely under linux and to eliminate the need for rebooting everytime I need to upload some MIDlets to the device. I tried gammu ( with pl2303 driver but couldn't upload anything to the phone with it. I'l try siefs at my linux box soon.

You said:

Current distraction Solaris 10

But did you try to access your device from Solaris 10? I couldn't find any Prolific 2303 chip driver for solaris.

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I did not test this under Solaris10, simply because I don't use Solaris10 as desktops. It would surprise me if there was anything like a Prolific driver for Solaris.