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Font size


Last week, Veroniek, my most avid reader of this weblog, noticed me that the font size on Internet Explorer really was way too big to be enjoyable. So I took a look, and had to admit that it was a bit over the top. Fonts are now expressed in pixel size instead of the 'em' metric, so hopefully this scales well in all browsers out there. (Getting things like this right really sucks)


Hi Kristof, nice site. I have a similar website that I'm upgrading to 4.6 but can't get taxonomy_image to display its images when using xtemplate/pushbutton.

I saw your post about getting taxonomy_image working using's patch, which I'm desperately trying to get ahold of but haven't had luck locating it there.

Would you do me a favor and email me the patch at ? It would save me a lot of grief.

(And please excuse my post being off-topic. I was worried you wouldn't see it if I posted it under your taxonomy_image post.)