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Processor names


Confused by names as SledgeHammer, Sempron and Prescott ? There are alot of codenamed CPU's out there, and if you're checking out the market for a new computer, it can sometimes be confusing. Intel have mangeled their CPU names quite a lot, even worse than AMD in my opinion -- a XEON can be anything from a dualcore EMT64 Hyper-threading enabled monster that comes with a free coffee maker, to a "plain" 32bit x86 clone with no fancy addons.

Anadtech has a nice overview over the current desktop offerings from AMD and Intel . I'm not aware of a good overview article on the whole range of server cpus available from both AMD and Intel (or one including Power cpus and sparcs, for that matter), but Anadtech (again) has done a lot of benchmarks and reviews for the server market that at least gives you a brief overview of what's new.