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Hercules VM/370


Last week, I have been toying with Hercules, a "mainframe" emulator for Windows and Linux. Within Hercules, one can install different mainframe OSses, such as MVS, VM/370 or Linux/S390. Different older IBM mainframe OSses can be downloaded from It looked promising to run VM on my laptop, but alas, the VM/370 version there is arcane. You won't find utilities like FILELIST or XEDIT, which makes it almost useless. A bit of a shame : it's hard to believe that IBM won't provide a modern VM OS to tinker with. It could attract lots of new administrators and developpers.


thats the problem with emulation..

For me i can make use of the cobol aspects....
I really wish I could make rexx work on hercules (mainframe side) too..

All I want is way to compile cobol related stuff.
I even have some stuff that might be pretty cool to add to the community...but that will await another day.