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Ubuntu on the desktop


There's no better date than 6.06.06 to install Ubuntu 6.06 on my desktop. Time to say goodbye to Debian, a last glance on the mounted partitions, and which ones to erase or to keep, and then time to insert the 32bit install CD. Why 32bit ? Cause the 64bit versions are still too much hassle. Things like OpenOffice or Java still don't play well in 64 bit environments, and creating 32bit chroots or start up a 32bit VMware Ubuntu just to check my bank accounts isn't imo worth the trouble.

But what a fast installer Ubuntu has ! The download of the install ISO took longer than the install itself (but maybe that says something about my ADSL download speed). I wished Ubuntu provided netinst iso's, but as I see how they provide the installer as a graphical program on the live CD, I don't think this is going to happen soon.

A date like 6/6/6 isn't allways a good one to perform installations or upgrades. There were some security issues with the installed Drupal version, so I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade to 4.7. Wrong guess : not only Drupal now shows the current module number from where to upgrade (instead of the version number - quite confusing), but something went horribly wrong with the upgrade of the phptemplate or xtemplate engine. The result was that I couldn't get any sideblocks to view, which is annoying cause there reside the administration and login menus. I had no other option than to revert the database and Drupal engine back to 4.6, and upgrade from there to 4.6.8.


It's not a netinstall cd, and I'm not sure to what extent you want one, but perhaps the "Alternate install CD" should give you the other possibilities you miss?

Besides that, I wholehartly agree about perferring the 32bit version. I took the opportunity of the new dapper myself to reinstall my setup, leaving 5.10 AMD behind.

Cool, hope you like Dapper!