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Old games never die - they just don't have sound anymore


What are the games you played when you started out with computers ? On my XT not much fancy games were available, but once the 386 machines were there, most games were astounding. The first ones, I guess, where Wolfenstein and Prince of Persia, quickly followed by Doom. Of course there was Moria, Omega and Nethack, but these couldn't compete with the first person shooter games out there.

Duke Nukem is my all-time favourite : heavily bashed in the DukeNukem vs Quake popularity battles, it still holds the trophy for most addictive and thrilling game I ever played. I quickly changed the sound effects in the game by 'Aliens' samples, which made the creepy atmosphere complete.

But all these were 2D sprite based games. Quake was there to change all of that. I never found the game as compelling as Duke, and the first game was overall critisized over its too dark environment, but the game set a standard for its extendibility : the number of add-ons were impressive. New areas, new skins, and especially : new gamebots. Playing a gamebot is like playing another person, that is if you had a bot with some decent AI, and definitively beat shooting grunts. Other things were complete revamps of the game, like Future vs Fantasy Quake, which transformed Quake into a role playing game with new races and new weapons.

I recently installed Quake onto my desktop, for nostalgic sake. GLQuake runs quite good, if you count that the game is about 10 years old. Unfortunately, the game doesn't provide sound. GLQuake is compiled with OSS support only, whereas modern Linuxes have ALSA on board. The FAQ mentions the OSS emulation module snd-pcm-oss, but loading this one doesn't help much. Has someone else tackled this already ?


Only use Quake 1 on trusted lans only : the game has serious security problems, which make a multi-player game on the internet unsafe.

Well quake is an interesting game to play. It's superb and also has a very good graphical interpretation that is mostly liked by the gamers. There are also new good varieties of download games which are also quite awesome to play in personal devices.