Eclipse Perl IDE


I was discussing a Perl project with a collegue, when one made the remark that actually there's no real Perl IDE (apart from Emacs or Vim, of course). I said that Eclipse maybe could be a solution, and lo and behold : two minutes later, my collegue found the website of EPIC, which is a very impressive Eclipse plugin. The number of Eclipse plugins is really impressive, even Clearcase plugins can be found. They now can all be found on the Eclipse plugin website.

Some days ago, I pointed out that Eclipse entered Debian. Unfortunately, there are still some problems to be solved for the Debian package. Luckily, the default Eclipse zipfile turned out the be a breeze to install.

Hercules VM/370


Last week, I have been toying with Hercules, a "mainframe" emulator for Windows and Linux. Within Hercules, one can install different mainframe OSses, such as MVS, VM/370 or Linux/S390. Different older IBM mainframe OSses can be downloaded from It looked promising to run VM on my laptop, but alas, the VM/370 version there is arcane. You won't find utilities like FILELIST or XEDIT, which makes it almost useless. A bit of a shame : it's hard to believe that IBM won't provide a modern VM OS to tinker with. It could attract lots of new administrators and developpers.

Shopping lists


No matter what you are throwing away, somebody will find it endlessly fascinating. Witness Bill Keaggy, who loves other people's grocery lists. Which reminds me, I still have some errands to do.

Solar system simulator


NASA has an impressive solar system simulator, where you can see any planet from any point in space. Though it looks a lot like some Celestia screenshots...

Playing U7 - again


UltimaVII, one of the older, but better, fantasy games ever, now can be played on WinXP or Linux too. Exult, an U7 game engine lets you play and revive the game in its full glory. That is, if you have a soundcard compatible with the game. In those days, Soundblasters were almost omnipresent, but now that's not the case. I can play the game with all FX, but the midi songs. If you decide to play again, it might be helpfull to remember that the way to succeed in Ultima 7 is SERIAL KLEPTOMANIA ;)


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