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Review the phantom menace


Redlettermedia has the most disturbing, yet most humorist -and very true- review of the Phantom Menace, you'll ever have seen.
Also : review of Attack of the clones and Revenge of the Sith

Spanning tree protocol posture


You know, when 2 penguins love each other very much...
you know, they do stuff like forking the code, or piercing the firewall...

One day I will rule candyland with an iron fist


When you enter a question into Google, it tries to autocomplete, sometimes resulting in really bizarre questions. Check out some of those at AutocompleteMe.

Every color has a name


Whoever bought some paint, already knows this : every color has a name, and thanks to, now you know it too ! Can you find the colors matching names like "Sahara", "Zombie" or "Underage Pink" ?

Linux on a potato


"Hackers from the Web site successfully installed Linux on a potato. It's the first time the operating system has been successfully installed on a root vegetable."

Interesting howto for storing bites on the chipset of such a mashine ;)

Linux apparently can be installed on anything, here's a howto for installing Linux on a dead badger.
Classic notes.


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