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Fashion alert


Warning :
I have (finally !) a black-green-blue Mozilla T-shirt,
and I'm not afraid to use it.

DeliciousButtons for Firefox3


Time to rejoice for all Firefox3 beta users (which means 99% of all Hardy users) : Delicious Buttons is available for Firefox3, albeit in beta form.
Great, I missed *alot* this since the Hardy dist-upgrade. Now if only Tabkit...



Why oh why didn't I discover this earlier ? It was only after dag sent me a screenshot of his Firefox, that I searched and found Tabkit, a Mozilla addon for tab management, for power users. Multiple tab rows, color grouping of tabs, tab trees and grouping of tabs the way you want it.

Meesa lika !

Last closed Firefox tab


This one is super handy : I use my middle mouse button to close Firefox tabs. Sometimes, however, my aim isn't what it should be, and this causes me to close the wrong tab. Fear not : CTRL-SHIFT-T will get your closed tab back.
Thanks, Serge !

Firefox 2


Firefox 2 has hit the streets. Download it from You can't yet upgrade Firefox through the Help > Check for upgrades dialog, but that will be solved soon : next week, 1.5 users will get an update to, which will offer a choice of upgrading to 2.0. In the meantime, here are some interesting Firefox 2 tweaking tips.


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