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And now for something completely different : an image of two topless girls on the beach reading a Unix book.

Oh Wicked Wanda!


Talking about cult comics : Oh Wicked Wanda first appeared in Penthouse's September, 1969 issue, as a continued story in prose form, by British writer Frederic Mullally. Each short chapter had a single large illustration by Brian Forbes, but the actual story was pure text. The initial episode introduced her as the 19-year-old daughter of depraved plutocrat Walter von Kreesus. The serial ran its course in about a year, then Wanda disappeared. She didn't return until the September, 1973 issue, where she made her debut in comics form. Mullally continued to script her adventures, which were drawn by veteran comics artist Ron Embleton, already well known in England for the 1950s historic adventure series "Wulf the Briton", the 1960s science fiction epic "The Trigan Empire", and more. Wanda's appalling escapades continued in eight-page, fully-painted monthly installments, poking sometimes-vicious fun at politics, sexual mores, etc. for years.
Wanda was the predecessor of Sweet Chastity, which appeared also in Penthouse. Both these comics were drawn - it seems almost 'painted' - in the same style of Don Lawrence's Storm comic. If you happen to like Thorgal, check out the Storm comics for a mindblowing experience.



Call me a sick bastard, but I find this *very* sexy.

Whale tail


Whale tail : like camel toe, but different (and sexier !).

Nude diaries


Of all the Skynet blogs, of which 95% is pure garbage in both design and content, the Nude Diaries are outstanding - very sensual and very erotic stuff with a slight philosophical touch. The author, William, is a painter who writes down his adventures with his female models. Nice paintings too.


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