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Introduction to Solaris zones


Blastwave has a nice introduction about Solaris zones. I would very like to see a comparison between zones, good old chroots and something like Linux Virtual Server, or User-Mode-Linux, each compared with their benefits and disavantages.

Solaris10 and VMware


I attended a Solaris10 demo at Sun's headquarters in Brussels, and I must say that I was fairly impressed. I already knew that the new Solaris10 stuff was interesting, but ZFS and DTrace are really cool stuff.

So I decided to download the Solaris10 beta, available through the Solaris Express program, and see how it would react if I threw it in a VMware session. To install Solaris10 beta, you need the last VMware 4.5 workstation version, as it has experimental Solaris10 support. A lower version will bail out with a strange monitor error after the installation of the first CD (been there, done that). VMware has an interesting page about Solaris10 with installation tips to follow closely.

So now I have a Solaris10 running nicely inside VMware. Finally time to play around with DTrace. Nice to see that Sun has also included some GNU utilities like openSSH, but there are still many missing (where's my Vim ?).

DTrace vs DProbes/LTT


I've read a few articles about Sun's new powertool called DTrace, and I must admit that I'm eager to get my hands on a Solaris10 to test this out. Some Linux developers have the same desire to see this implemented on Linux. Karim Yaghmour claims that DProbes and LTT gives you anything DTrace has, but RedHat developer Daniel Berrange has posted a comparison of DTrace and DProbes/LTT which gives DTrace the advantage.

What's new in Solaris 10


Ace's hardware has an article about the new stuff in Solaris 10. Some interesting stuff, but at first sight, not much exciting features. Or maybe it's because the details are too sketchy yet. Dtrace, though, looks like truss on steroids.

Padre 0.3.1


I have released Padre 0.3.1. It contains a small fix where the patchlevel is also shown in the resulting dependency tree.


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