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The Moscow underground


The Moscow underground is renowned for its majestic splender, take a look for yourself. Check out Unrealised Moscow too, for a look on some of Stalinists' taste in architecture from the 1930s to the early 1950s. Although, ultimately, neither of these projects was realised, the plans submitted by the participants had a noticeable influence on the development of Moscow. Considered today, it is clear that the best examples of this architecture, most of which never got beyond the drawing board, are more profound and interesting than the ideological norms within the constraints of which they were devised.

The Amelie walk


Remember the movie Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain ? It featured great views of Paris, as the director remembered it from his childhood. Now there's an official Amelie walk (or Amelie promenade), taking you along the most beautifull spots from the movie, like 'Maison Colignon', or 'le Café des deux Moulins' (although you can't buy cigarettes at the counter there in reality).

Turkey 2004


We spent the last two weeks in Turkey, the first week touring through West and Central Turkey, and the last week at the beach in Bodrum. The tour week included a day in Istanbul, and I found it almost like coming home after my first visit, now some three years ago. I even discovered a Starbucks at Taxim street, which made my day really great.

Biddeloo deceased


Karel Biddeloo died two weeks ago on cancer, from which he suffered since end 2003. Biddeloo was famous as the author of the well known 'Rode Ridder' (Red Knight) comic. I'll always remember the Red Knight specials on Radio Scorpio, almost true mediaeval festivities, which were contributed to Biddeloo, and which he frequented too. The last 4 Rode Ridder comics still have to be released.

World's best bars


While browsing for some info about Irish whiskey, I stumbled upon the World's best bars site, which gives you a nice overview of the best bars in the world's capital cities. And guaranteed without a hangover after leaving the site.


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