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My back is feeling better each day. The big breakthrough, however, will be next Wednesday, when the metallic stiches will be removed. I am quite curious how big the scar will be, and how much scar tissue will remain visible. I secretly hope there will remain some, as it is the perfect excuse to place that tattoo I want. BMEzine has already a nice tattoo gallery to choose from.



Wifi hotspots in airport terminals -- way too much paella -- wonderfull frappucino at Starbucks -- temperatures never below 30° Celsius -- trees of stone -- every board game in a Spanish Lord of the Rings edition -- houses for dragons -- art everywhere in a clean city.

Some of the fading memories of our trip to Barcelona, Spain.

Streets of London


Streets of London photoguide. Explore them from the comfort of your chair. Find that particular restaurant or bar (and wish you were there ;)



Ever wondered what those chinese letters mean on the menu in your favourite Chinese restaurant ? After all, they might reveal the true meaning of what you're eating ;)

Anyway, if you're interested into some Chinese, check out this guide.


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