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I upgraded Gundabad (my main workstation) to Jaunty. Smooth upgrade, as usual in the last two years. I'm well over the stage where I get excited about 'new' features in Ubuntu or Gnome, but I must say I'm generally pleased with the fast boot times.

I upgraded my eeePC too. I had to create a separate lvol for the /var/cache/apt directory, as my root filesystem is way too small to keep the new filesets. The fast boot times are more pronounced here, I guess Jaunty boots under 20 secs ! Unfortunately, this fast behaviour didn't extend up to the Gnome desktop. I noticed lots of lag, and it seemed I got hit by this Intel bug. Upgrading to the kernel, located on, gives a better performance, but not yet that of Intrepid.


Here's a solution for the Intel bug.