Now that my Pebble NMBS app is wrapped up, I decided to have a look at the SDK2 for Pebble, and build a watchface for it. I didn't need to search long for some inspiration for a new watchface : on the Moto360, someone made clever use of the black horizontal bezel at the bottom of the screen, adding some scenery to it, as if it was some shadow (default was a man sitting on a bench in the park). So I took the skyline of Prague, converted it to B&W, and I got my first watchface, which I called Skylines.

The app has been extended currently with skylines up to 30 cities from all over the world. I also included a random mode, where the skyline changes every two hours. Just like you're on a world trip ! I also added a Night mode, where the screen inverts and a beautifull night sky appears between 8pm and 6am.

All in all, programming in C went quite well, considering I didn't touched C during the last 20 years. Only problem was the implementation of the configuration window, which was a bit of a hassle. Turned out I defined my app as SDK3 compatible, which seemed the cause of the errors.