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Thunderbird Debian package


It seems to have taken ages, but finally there's an (unofficial) Debian ThunderBird package created by Soren Overgaard. Let's hope it'll make it soon into unstable. Have a look at some splendid alternative Fire/ThunderBird icons, too.


Cant find a debian package...
Can anybody help. It cant be that everybody shal be a programmer and be able to compile from sourcecode - just to try out Linux.
No - Ubuntu has only the old version, so there is no help there.
Can anybody send a link to a compiled Thunderebird.
Thanks a lot

Welcome to Linux, where the distributions chosse the versions for you. This is in order to comply to library dependancies, and to keep your system in a solid state.

Thanks... kristhof.
I know that - that's why I ask. My Kubuntu 7.04 mirror has STILL (by 10-5-2007) only the old Thunderbird And no "Truecrypt", "Google Earth", "Skype" etc etc etc
I am also looking for a Linux debian "Copernicus Desktor Search" for Kubuntu. No possible Linux substitute found.

So it is totally insuficient for everyday use.

I don't think avarage user can live with those limitations given in what Ubuntu/Kubuntu (or for that sake other Linux distro's) find worth bother compiling and later uploading to ther mirrors sites for the rest of us to use. I can´t, for sure...

I have the last 2 month used a lot of time trying to convert my Windows 2000 workplace to a Linux version I could use as a Windows replacement. My argument is that I will be able to do the same (Not nessesary in the same application) but in same functionality.

I have succeded in having the following programs on both platforms...

- Open Office v2.0 (perfect)
- Firefox 2.0 (perfect)
- KeePass (Perfect)
- Thunderbird 2.0 (perfect) (I have since I wrote my first note found a deb on the net.)
- WinHTTrack (perfect)
- Windows - Total Commander -> Linux GIMP commander og Crusader (but none of them are as good TC)
- Trillian -> Kopete (OK - but not as nice)

Just as a note... I also whant to be able to go back to a Windows platform without loosing my data or functionality.
I don´think virus (security) risk is a fullfilling argument.