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Goth chicks are SEXY !


The Invitation New-wave/Gothic event yesterday was lovely : great music, and I must admit, 'Het Kuipke' is a great location for such a festival. Unfortunately, I lost half an hour looking for a suitable parking spot, as the Sint-Pieters Square in Ghent is still a construction place, which meant that I missed the Qntal gig. Luckily, Kirlian Camera made a lot good. And God, the KC female lead singer has the longest pair of legs I've ever seen. Covenant and Clan Of Xymox were great, but the biggest surprise was And-One, which really blasted me off my socks. Great floorfiller music !

I forgot my camera, but some pictures can be found here. No pictures of the public, so you have to trust me on this : goth chicks are *sexy* ! If you don't believe me, take a look at OneTrueDave, which gathers pictures of goth events in the DC area. Unfortunately, the site is lately more down than up. But then, maybe down is exactly what a goth site is supposed to be...