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Solaris 10 released


It's official : Solaris 10 has been released. You can download Solaris10 for free, given that you only need an evaluation license. Time to install this on my Enterprise 3000 server at home, and this time I will be using my Linux laptop as a Jumpstart server, so other partitions will survive the upgrade.

Do you want some other Open Source programs installed on your Solaris ? Well you could install packages from, but you could also use NetBSD's pkgsrc, which already provides 5,300 packages ready to build on Solaris. Install pkgsrc, 'make install' your desired package, and enjoy !


There's another way to use your Linux as a Jumpstart server, without the need of copying all Solaris packages to your hard disk : use you CD as NFS export. Kinda smart neat trick, isn't it ?