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Welcome to the digital age


Since I bought a DVB-T decoder for my TV, I couldn't record anything anymore on my VCR : the video recorder did not have a SCART input, and that was the only way my DVB decoder offered a connection. I was already thinking about getting me a DVB decoder with hard disk, but that wouldn't let me record anything on video tape or DVD.

I spotted a digital VCR in the shop, which combined a HDD recorder with a DVD recorder, and I knew that was the gizmo I was looking for : it has a 250 GB hard disk, which offers me a maximum recording time of 320 hours, which should be sufficient ;)
What remains is digitalising all my video tapes; while trying that, the HDD recorder choked on the VCR signal when I connected the VCR output SCART with the input scart of the HDD recorder, even up to a point where I feared I foobarred the machine. Luckily, the machine came back up after some scary moments. Connecting the VCR with a coax cable worked, as the VCR emitted a signal around 590 MHz, which was detected by the HDD recorder.


So you bought the same LG recorder at the Makro as I did? :-)

Nope :) It was a Medion recorder from Aldi.

I used the device now for nearly 3 months, and I'm quite happy with it. There are, however, 2 things I really miss :

* a USB adapter would be great to put pictures and music files on it.
* a way to edit, split, and combine easily video files on the hard disk.

There's a video editor included : when playing a file, press Edit, and you'll tumble into it. Granted, not really easy to find...