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The Seven deadly Sins in Society


Indexed Blog puts out a few graphs/charts on index cards almost every day. It comes highly recommended. One of the posts is a chuckle about the seven sins, for which the site has categorized the different combinations. Neilk commented with these 3-sin combinations :

* ABC = plus-size prostitution
* ABD = receiving oral sex while eating KFC
* ABE = throwing a pie at the one who rejected you
* ABF = seducing your neighbour to obtain her recipes
* ABG = bulimia so you can have more sex partners
* ACD = shirking your pimp duties
* ACE = the home hardware place
* ACF = all the boobies in the world shall be mine. MINE!
* ACG = discount trophy wife

(where A = lust, B = Gluttony, C = Greed, D = Slth, E = Wrath, F = Envy and G = Pride)