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I just upgraded to Hardy, the new Ubuntu version. Not much to say, only that the upgrade went smooth and fast - I feared that the download servers would be overloaded the weekend after the release, but they were very responsive. There are only 2 minor upgrade problems :

First, Ubuntu choose to include Firefox3 beta, which sucks cause many of my add-ons are not compatibe with this version. Especially DeliciousButtons and Tabkit are extensions I already miss. Hopefully they get ported soon.

The second thing is that my fonts are foobarred, especially in Firefox. Which settings do you guys use with LCD screens (I currently use Best Contrast, with Full Hinting and VGBR subpixel ordering), and which fonts do you use in Firefox ?


I found Hardy quite sluggish. When booted, and logged in, there's a major system hog. I found this to be caused by the indexer. Switching it off gives a nice performance boost.

Second, Firefox3 is a major PITA - granted, it is beta software, but performance could be way better. Shame Ubuntu didn't wait for Ubuntu 8.10 to include this.

In addition, I have some minor problems with the keyboard (like Numlock not working in XFree)

I found Audacious to be crashing after the upgrade to Hardy, but after removing audacious-crossfade, everything worked again.

After upgrading to Hardy I noticed that my numeric keypad was no longer working. Not a huge inconvenience, but when you’ve got one you like to be able to use it don’t you?

This morning - after trying to use it again - I decided to have another go at fixing it. A quick Google provided me with the solution:

1. Go into the Keyboard Preferences (System >Preferences > Keyboard)
2. Switch to the Mouse Keys tab
3. Uncheck the box for Allow to control the pointer using the keyboard

Best fonts settings with a LCD (IMHO) :

- subpixel smoothing (LCD)
- slight hinting
- RGB subpixel ordering

Oh man, I've experienced crashed, it's too terrible for words :

- resume doesn't work anymore (suspend works fine)
- NVidia drivers are horribly unstable.
- I had even usplash segfaulting once !

Hopefully we'll get some updates soon...