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Yesterday, my monitor made a crisping sound when I tried to switch it on. A flickering on the screen of gray and white, followed by the smell of burnt plastic and a wisp of white smoke (Habemus papam !), made me fear the worst. Indeed, RIP to my faithful 17" Philips LCD. At such times, a spare computer is a very handy thing.

Skip forward to today. I acquired a new 23" Acer X233H screen. Unfortunately, my NVidia 6600 Geforce only supports a maximum of 1440x900 (no 1920x1200 for you!), so I wouldn't call it the ultimate screen experience yet. But I like the transition from 17" to 23", although my Gnome desktop settings still might need a bit of tweaking.

Update : and it's b0rken already. Bah...
Update2 : got my money back, and switched to a Samsung Syncmaster 2033. Much better, and this one supports 1600x900 :)